Coconut oil Baraka OVCO, Extra Virgin 200 ml (Premium, glass)

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Coconut oil Baraka OVCO, Extra Virgin 200 ml Premium, glass
Coconut oil 200 ml buy in eco market wholesome food and natural products

About Baraka Extra Virgin

    One of the best coconut oils in the world, in glass packaging;
    First cold pressed, unrefined, food;
    Great for cooking meals, breakfasts, skin and hair care;
    Contains 50% lauric acid, which fights viruses and bacteria in the body;
    100% organic: USDA Organic certified. Without GMO.

For frying and baking
Ideal frying oil with a smoke point of 177 ° C, very resistant to heat. Perfect for breakfast: cereals, cereals, fried eggs and pancakes. Also widely used in baking bakery products, cakes, muffins, cookies and muffins. Possesses rich aroma and fine taste.
For body and hair care
Natural care - without synthetic additives. Moisturizes, brightens, cleans and nourishes the most sensitive areas of the skin. For daily care of the skin of the body and face. Noticeable effect after 10 days of daily use. Use as a conditioner and hair mask. Restores dry and damaged hair.

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