Organic coconut oil in a glass jar (250ml)

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Coconut oil is rightfully recognized as one of the most useful products in the world. Coconut is a functional food product, rich in building elements necessary for our body: vitamins, minerals and fiber. This is the fruit of the miracle plant: the coconut palm, which is rightly called the "tree of life."

Buy in the store eco products, we offer you 100% natural products for a healthy diet.

There are two types of organic coconut oil: Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. The latter is considered the most pure and useful, the best coconut oil. Organica For All cold pressed coconut oil is just that.

Benefits of Organica For All Coconut Oil:

    100% organic product, confirmed by the certificate LK-BIO-149 NON EU AGRICULTURE;
    the oil is obtained from fresh coconuts grown on an organic basis, without pesticides, growth regulators and synthetic fertilizers;
    chemical agents and harmful technologies are not used in the extraction and processing of oil;
    the oil does not contain any impurities, artificial additives, preservatives and GMOs;
    no cholesterol and trans fatty acids;
    the oil is produced by cold pressing, i.e. it is unrefined, which means it retains all the unique properties of coconut;
    suitable for raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians and anyone who is healthy

Useful properties of coconut oil Organica For All:

    strengthens the immune system;
    normalizes digestion;
    stimulates metabolism;
    maintains optimal cholesterol levels;
    normalizes the kidneys, liver, heart and blood vessels;
    solves the problem of excess weight;
    supports thyroid function;
    has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial effects;
    improves the condition of patients with serious diseases;
    relieves stress and has a calming effect;
    perfectly cares for hair, keeps youthful, smooth and healthy skin;
    treats skin infections;
    accelerates cell regeneration;
    improves the condition of the oral cavity;
    strengthens the bone apparatus;
    improves brain activity;
    protects against free radicals;
    charges the body with energy, contributes to endurance and increases productivity.

Organic Coconut Oil Organica For All has an excellent taste and aroma. It can and should be used in cooking. Oil is ideal for frying, cooking porridge, desserts and drinks. One has only to include this oil in your diet, and your health will immediately improve.

Organica For All Coconut Oil will reward you with health, beauty and youth for many years.

Product Information
Сonsist 100% organic coconut oil
100 g of the product contains: Proteins 0 gr. Fat 100 gr. - from them saturated fats 91 gr. Carbohydrates 0 gr. - from them sugars 0 gr.
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Expiration date 24 months from date of manufacture subject to storage conditions

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