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Cantucci is a type of biscuit, common in Tuscany, a special kind of biscotti (common name for biscuits in Italy) ⠀

It is believed that the most popular variety of Italian biscotti with almonds was first cooked in the 13th century in the city called Prato (Tuscany), and then it was called Cantucci. ⠀

The word Biscotti is derived from the medieval Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice baked cookies”, and the Italians use this word for any cookie made in this way, whereas its almond variety is called only Kantuchchi. ⠀

Double-baked bars have their history since the times of the Roman Empire. These biscotti used in long journeys or during the war, as they could be stored for a very long time. Often the sailors took them with them to sail. Due to the fact that the cookies were baked without yeast and dried, it did not spoil for a long time. More Pliny the Elder, a Roman writer and scholar, boasted that such cookies would be edible even after centuries ⠀

✨ Cookies with our recipe will be beautifully stored for months in an airtight tube. And so, when you want something sweetie, you open it, take out the first bar and realize that this is not the end ⠀

☕️ Since Kantucci is a dried biscuit, it is more often served with some kind of drink. Ideal with Italian dessert wines (Vin Santo), mulled wine or tea, coffee, milk. Therefore, as soon as you dip the half into a cup of cappuccino, you will never be the same. These fantastic nut cookies that crackle loudly will open up to you in a new light, soaking up the aromas of good coffee or sweet tea. ⠀

Ingredients: almond flour, almonds, dried cherry, melange, yolk, baking powder, vanillin, honey, unprocessed cane sugar, orange peel. ⠀

Energy value per 100 grams 457 kcal

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