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Date-strawberry. Bar "Phenicia-Strawberry" is unique in that it contains real strawberries, dried in a special modern way, in which water is extracted from the berries, and all the nutrients and strawberry flavor remain. This method of drying is called vacuum sublimation And the strawberry has a lot of beneficial properties: low calorie content (40-45 kcal per 100 g), and high content of vitamin C (5 strawberries = 1 orange), and relatively high content of manganese and potassium ( potassium regulates blood pressure), and a high content of antioxidants and plant compounds, as strawberry consumption slows down the digestion of glucose and reduces the peaks of glucose and insulin that occur after a meal rich in carbohydrates (compared to carbohydrate intake without tubers s). Dates contribute to the restoration of strength, the development of endurance, contribute to the body's resistance to various infections. Unique chia seeds contain a huge amount of dietary fiber, an irreplaceable omega - 3 fatty acid, which is much more than in other seeds. Bar "Date-strawberry" will help to be vigorous and energetic throughout the day!
dried dates, dried apples, raisins, dried pumpkin seeds, almond kernels, dried sunflower seeds, sublimated strawberries, chia seeds.
Net weight 30 g
Calorie 110 kcal from an average daily rate of 4.4%

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