BE OK comics (date-chocolate)

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It should be noted that cocoa and the products in which it is included, occupy one of the first places in popularity. No exception and candy bars! Those of them that contain cocoa are very attractive to all lovers of this delicacy! By the way, our bars contain high-quality cocoa, which has an excellent taste. Cocoa is known for its ability to improve mood (due to the production of serotonin - the "hormone of happiness") and increase performance (thanks to caffeine). Another amazing fruit that is part of the bars - this date. Substances contained in dates, act selectively: they give strength and vigor to a tired organism, and help a person with insomnia to help normalize sleep. Raisins, apples, seeds and nuts add flavor and usefulness! With a bar Pate-chocolate you can safely do any interesting things!

dried dates, raisins, dried apples, cocoa powder, dried sunflower seeds, almond kernels.
Net weight 30 g
Calorific value of 100 kcal 4% of the average daily rate

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