Bar BE OK comic (date-banana)

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Banana - the favorite of adults and children! Bananas quickly quench hunger, energize the body, help the body recover soon after exercise. The fiber of the fetus is easily digested, potassium and magnesium, which are many in a banana, contribute to the good work of the heart, and in general, a banana is the most pleasant and beneficial antidepressant due to its high content of vitamin B6. Everyone knows about the unique properties of dates! It is not for nothing that they are considered the bread of the desert. Apples - the most famous source of iron, and raisins also contribute to the increase of iron in the blood. Bar Phenic-banana - an excellent source of energy for new discoveries and adventures!

dried dates, dried banana, raisins, dried apples, dried pumpkin seeds, almond kernels.
Net weight 30 g
Calorific value of 100 kcal 4% of the average daily rate

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