Zelenika healthy mushroom snack from Shiitake 50g

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Zelenika healthy mushroom snack from shiitake 50g In one package Zelenika Shiitake - 350 g fresh shiitake.
With the help of vacuum drying technology, this amount is placed in a 50-gram package, practically without losing the nutritional properties of the fresh product.
100 g of Zelenika Shiitake contains: proteins - 9.
2, carbohydrates - 61.
6, fats - 25.
6 g.
Energy value - 517 kcal / 2163 kJ.
The nutritional value of shiitake is truly unique.
They contain complex carbohydrates - polysaccharides, proteins containing basic amino acids, the presence in the diet of which is so necessary, a lot of zinc, lysine and leucine.
A distinctive feature of shiitake is a decrease in blood sugar in diabetes, as well as its ability to resist allergies.
This fungus has a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect.
Shelf life is 1 year.
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Ingredients: Shiitake fresh, high-oleic sunflower oil, maltose starch syrup, salt.
Weight: 50 gr.
Packaging: doy-pack with zip-lok and a window for vegetables Key features: natural, fresh product from the bed, which does not lose its properties and original appearance for a long time thanks to a special gentle treatment.
Various technologies of vacuum drying pull moisture out of the product, while maintaining the shape, taste, color, nutritional value and up to 90% of nutrients in any vegetable, fruit, mushrooms or berries.
Ecological advantages: does not fry, do not apply artificial additives, do not use flavors.
Natural benefits and natural taste of summer without GMOs and chemicals.
Snacks Zelenika are 100% vegetarian, suitable for adults, children and everyone who monitors the quality of their food.
Application: useful snack.
It is convenient to take with you on the road, offer your child or just enjoy some healthy food!

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