Baraka * JOINTEASE - Arthritic oil for joint pain 50 ml.

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Baraka * JOINTEASE - Arthritic oil for joint pain 50 ml.

JointEase oil from Baraka is an effective remedy for pain in muscles and joints ordered online in the ecomarket of natural products with delivery in Astana and Kazakhstan. Baraka Astana

JointEase is a complex of natural oils and menthol that act on the source of pain in muscles and joints. It is a reliable assistant in the fight against arthritis, rheumatism and the consequences of physical exertion.

The remedy relieves the symptoms of arthritis, gently soothes pain, reduces inflammation and increases joint mobility, and also relieves tension in the muscles and quickly eliminates pain that occurs after intense exercise. Therefore, it was highly appreciated by athletes and those who regularly maintain their shape in shape.

The therapeutic effect of JointEase oil is based on the healing properties of its components, which together enhance the effect of each ingredient. Applying oils to the skin increases blood circulation around the damaged tissues and joints, which has a beneficial effect on their recovery. In addition, the tool has a general relaxing effect: the aroma of natural oils improves the emotional state, relieves stress and improves sleep.

Differences from analogues

Unlike other products with a similar effect, JointEase oil does not “bake” or “cool” skin. It does not cause any discomfort, it is quickly absorbed and does not stain clothes.


The composition of the product includes only natural ingredients:

· Castor oil;

· Fragrant oil gaulterii;

· Oil of eucalyptus leaves;

· Coconut oil (virgin);

· Black cumin seed oil;

· Olive fruit oil;

· Clove oil;

· Menthol.

Castor oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is actively used in the treatment of pain in muscles, joints and nerve inflammation. This is a well-known antioxidant, whose use is associated with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Gaultia oil warms up "problem" areas, has relaxing and analgesic properties, dilates blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow. It effectively treats inflammation in the joints and tendons, relieves cramps and helps to remove lactic acid from the tissues after playing sports.

Eucalyptus oil dilutes the blood, increases blood circulation in the muscles and joints, resulting in accelerated recovery processes.

Coconut oil contains many unique fatty acids, which not only relieve pain and inflammation, but also stimulate blood flow to damaged areas. And coconut oil plays the role of the natural “lubrication” of the joint, which has a beneficial effect on its mobility.

Black cumin oil effectively relieves inflammation of the joints, reduces pain and regulates the immune system, the state of which is inextricably linked with the health of tissues.

Olive oil in the composition of the product is used as a “transport” for the remaining ingredients. It facilitates the penetration of essential oils into the skin and improves their absorption.

Clove oil quickly relieves pain and improves blood microcirculation.

Menthol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that has local anesthetic and antispasmodic effects.

Application features

A small amount of JointEase oil should be applied to the “problem” areas and gently rub into the skin in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. It is recommended to repeat the procedure up to 4 times per day.

JointEase oil does not spread on the skin, so it is economically consumed, and the 50 ml capacity will last for a long time.

Interesting Facts

In ancient China, it was believed that essential oils are a haven of plant souls, so these substances have magical properties. It was the Chinese who first began to apply oils during therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

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