Coconut flour Baraka WITHOUT GLUTEN 500 gr.

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Coconut flour Baraka WITHOUT GLUTEN 500 gr.
Organic Coconut Flour, 500 gr. buy in eco market of healthy food and natural products

Coconut flour can be an excellent substitute for traditional flour types, since its GI (Glycemic Index) is almost two times lower than that of wheat flour, and its high content of fiber and the minimum amount of quickly digestible carbohydrates are ideal if you are concerned about sugar in the blood or you stick to a diet, or just bake about the health of their loved ones.

In comparison with other flour, coconut has certain advantages: it has a more favorable ratio of Omega-3: Omega-6 one to three. In addition, it is significantly cheaper.

Unlike butter, cream and milk obtained from coconut, flour produced from the dried pulp of this fruit does not have a distinctly characteristic exotic taste. This important quality allows you to apply it for a variety of purposes.

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